{The third, and actually the most recent, release in Ailanthus’ catalog comes from Navajo punk-rockers the Discotays. Ailanthus founder Scott Michael dscribes the circumstances behind their partnering for the band’s Dried Meat Jewel EP

This one was pretty cool because we did something really special for this release. See, Discotays were going on a US Tour and were planning on coming through Pennsylvania, so since I’ve been throwing shows in the Johnstown and Pittsburgh area for the past 8 years, I jumped at the opportunity to bring a band I dug through the area. Just about simultaneously they let me know they wanted to get involved with Ailanthus and that they had a new EP ready. Seeing the golden opportunity in front of us, I told them yes and yes, and we set the “Discotays CD Release Show” for May 11th live in Johnstown, PA. So Ailanthus Recordings handmade several very limited and very exclusive CDRs each in brown paper cases with individualized collaging. The guys loved them and we set the digital release so that we dropped it online during their set, using a photo taken during their set at VOMA in Johnstown, PA.
Hailing for tiny Sanostee, New Mexico, though from what I’ve read elsewhere I think they may have technically grown up in the confines of the Navajo Nation or very close by to it. Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard it’s the best place to live. Ever. Bar nothing. There’s nothing about their music that pegs them as particularly anything, except capable with their instruments, though I have to admit I’m more and more curious to know better how that area marks the passage of culture, its own and the rest of America’s. New Mexico and the Southwest continues to produce some of the most interesting punk music I’ve ever heard, undoubtedly owing to its being the place to live ever. In spite of that, Discotays’ no-wave tinged electronic punk is catchy and fun, but functions more interestingly as a gently angular document of the area’s rich underground. }
-Dwight Pavolic